It’s Time to Start Cooking Our Own Food Again

Isn’t it time to put some energy into our food and cook for ourselves?  We take cooking classes or watch celebrity chefs cook on TV in record numbers, we buy magazines and spend countless number of hours online looking up recipes.  That’s great and it’s exciting to see the Couple cooking fishenthusiasm around cooking but we need to get back to cooking for ourselves and not watching someone else make dinner.

We only spend 30 minutes on average per day total preparing food but spend almost 10 times that watching our favorite episodes on TV.

Instead of cooking we rely on the fast, frozen, boxed, prepared foods that are full of preservatives and a lot of ingredients that you can’t pronounce.  I don’t know about you but if I can’t say it on the first try, I’m going to question whether or not I want to eat it!

It’s not entirely our fault that we are picking up the readymade meal from the grocery store or ordering take out.  The food industry has done a great job of marketing to us and making it feel like a great idea to buy their food.  The problem is that the majority of this food is full of preservatives and ingredients that aren’t doing our bodies any good.

We can change this with some planning.  In the restaurant industry, most of the work is done before the first diner walks in the door in the form of prep.  This is the time when the cooks get their stations ready for service.  Without this prep time, restaurants would not succeed.  It would take too long to get the food out to the customer.

Follow these simple guidelines to help get you started.

  • Cook large pieces of meat or whole chickens on one day, either by braising or roasting.  I usually roast 2-3 whole chickens and will use them in different recipes during the week for both lunch and dinner.  Add some shredded chicken to lettuce and your favorite dressing for a quick meal.
  • Cut extra vegetables that you will need for the week.  Things like onions, carrots and peppers will hold up for a few days.
  • Make double or triple the amount you need.  Especially when making soups, stews or tomato sauce.  These can be easily frozen and used later in the week or month when you are running behind.
  • Wash and dry your herbs and greens when you bring them home.  Having them ready to go will save time when making dinner.
  • Soak and cook a different dried bean at the start of each week.  I usually will cook enough to use in a couple of different ways during the week.  Try turning chickpeas into hummus or black beans into a salsa for a change of pace.
  • Make your own salad dressings and vinaigrettes.  The store bought ones are packed full of preservatives, plus I’ll bet yours taste better. Try this recipe for fresh herb vinaigrette to help get you started!
  • Make sure to write up your plan and list for the week even if you don’t buy everything in one trip.  Having this written out will help keep you on your path to success.


If we take the time to set ourselves up before the week begins, we too can find ourselves having the same success in our kitchens and cooking our own real food again.