Summer Grilling

There is so much to summer grilling, from quick cooked vegetables to slow smoked meats, they are all great.  Come on in and find out more about successful grilling.

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Adventures in Grilling

I don’t know about you, but we grill a lot and not just in the summer.  We are year round grillers.  Whether it’s a rainy spring day or or a winter snow storm, once we decide we are grilling, not much will slow us down.

That is until earlier this summer when both of our grills went down.  That’s right, within a few weeks of each other both of them kicked the bucket.

Will, you would think that maybe we would run right out and pick up new ones, you know, just replace them right away.  But we didn’t. And we are not even sure as to why.  Now we did have a very busy travel schedule earlier in the summer and were not at home much but we still haven’t replaced our grills yet.

This is where the adventure begins.  How do we grill our food.  I mean, we are smack dab in the middle of the grilling season when there is an abundance of food just waiting to be changed into grilled bliss and we are missing it.

Tiny Little Grill Working Hard

Tiny Little Grill Working Hard

Well, we are not missing it.  That seems like an odd thing to say since I just spent the last few sentences telling you how much we grill here.  But we are not missing it because I brought in “old faithful”, our trusty tiny little camping grill.

Now it does make it a little more challenging to cook a lot of food on this tiny little grill, but it also makes us think more about what we are cooking.  I’ve looked at this as a metaphor about how we should be eating.  Sometimes you just need to slow down and enjoy what it is that you are cooking.  Savor it.

Now, we will replace our grills sometime in the near future, but for now I’m going to cook just how you would think someone would move in the heat of the summer, slow.

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