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Chef Chad Armstrong here, founder of Kids in the Kitchen and welcome to our website.  After years of working in restaurants and teaching Culinary Arts to students professionally, I have decided to share my culinary knowledge with the world.  The reason.  I simply want to give people the knowledge they need to start cooking for themselves.  Not only am I a Chef Instructor but I am also a father of two beautiful girls who sees how they are bombarded with junk, fast and processed foods all day long. As a society we have gotten away from cooking for ourselves and put it into the hands of others to feed us these foods that are destroying our bodies and way of life.

Cheap and quick foods are not the answer. We need to steer away from this trend. Do you think there is a link between what we are eating and the amount of health problems like diabetes, obesity, heart disease and cancers that are occurring in our society? The studies show there is a connection between what we eat and these serious health problems.

By learning some key techniques, you can make cooking for yourself fun and exciting. We tend to get overwhelmed with cooking, especially with our hectic lives, but it doesn’t have to be that way. So come on in, make your self comfortable and get cooking!

Root Vegetables

Root Vegetables